The Perks of Business Class

You may have taken a trip on the Pacific Surfliner, but have you ever tried riding in Business Class? Treat yourself to an upgraded experience with a few extra perks.

The Pacific Surfliner unreserved Coach seats are already spacious, but the Business Class car has even more legroom so you can really stretch and relax. Even better, Business Class riders are guaranteed a seat, which is helpful especially on busy trains which could be standing room only during parts of the trip. And because it’s located at one end of the train, there tends to be less foot-traffic in Business Class, resulting in a more private atmosphere.

Business Class Seats Business Class Group Seats

Snacks and Drinks
We have a great Café Car with fresh food, craft beers, cocktails and more available for purchase. In the Business Class car, riders can also enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks. Each morning, there is coffee, tea, water and juice, as well as pastries from a local bakery. In the afternoons, riders receive a snack pack as well as a soft drink or glass of wine! Our new snack pack comes in a nice box, with sea salt pita chips, hummus, trail mix, chocolate chip cookies and a mint taffy!

Business Class Morning Snacks Business Class Snack Pack

Other Benefits
Business Class also has a dedicated attendant on most trains, who can answer questions and assist with luggage. There are also free newspapers, and just like the rest of the train, free Wi-Fi.

The perks of Business Class extend beyond the train, starting at the moment you book your trip. Amtrak Guest Rewards members (who earn points with each Amtrak trip they take), get a 25% qualifying point bonus when booking in Business Class. Create an account and start collecting points for a free trip or other rewards.

Not only that, but Business Class passengers starting or ending in Los Angeles get special access to the Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge, located at the station on the second floor. It has complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks. Relax on the comfy sofas, watch some TV, read a newspaper or use the free Wi-Fi!

We’d Like to Hear from You
Which benefits are the most important to you, and what else would you like to see on the train? The LOSSAN Rail Corridor Agency and Amtrak are exploring potential improvements to the Pacific Surfliner Business Class service. Please take five minutes to complete a survey to provide your feedback.

Learn more about Business Class here.


  1. hi there,
    a kiwi traveling form san diego – los angeles on thursday june 29th , I thought a train journey would be more interesting than plane. A couple of questions:
    Am i best to book online or once in America?
    I am a keen photographer, how do I best secure a window seat? and is their a scenic lounge?
    I am 67 (02/27/1950) do i get a seniors discount if from another country than USA?

    many thankks for your early reply and any assistance you can offer
    k. strathdee


    1. Hi Keith, thanks for reaching out! You will love the journey between San Diego to Los Angeles. There are beautiful ocean views and I’m sure you’ll have many photo opportunities! There isn’t a way to book a window seat in advance, but since the train starts in San Diego, you have a better chance of finding an available window seat. The best way to do so is to arrive at the station early — there is an area where people line up. If you are near the front of the line, you’ll have an excellent chance of getting a window seat! You can also book your trip for mid-day when it’s not as busy. Another option is to book a Business Class ticket – this is an upgraded experience where you get snacks and a beverage. You also get a guaranteed seat, but this perk isn’t as important since you are boarding at the first station before it gets crowded. There is a separate line for Business Class, but it’s still a good idea to arrive early to be at the front of the line. I’d suggest booking online in advance at Discounts for riders ages 62 and older are available. If you book an Unreserved Coach Seat, you can use your ticket to ride an earlier or later train if you’d like – it doesn’t have to be for the train you select in the booking process, offering great flexibility. If you book a Business Class ticket, you would need to call our 800 number in advance to change your reservation. There is not a lounge in San Diego but the station is in the heart of downtown, close to many attractions. Los Angeles has a special lounge for people who ride in Business Class or who are taking long-distance trains (to the Bay Area, Oregon, Chicago and more). You are welcome to connect with us on Facebook, where we post photos, tips and other content! This was a lot of information, so please let us know if you have any questions! We’re happy to help.


  2. First time user: I want to purchase a Southbound, Business Class Ticket Sat in San Louis Obispo, CA, one way to San Diego, schedule shows train leave about 1 PM San Louis Obispo, Sat. Do you have a 1-800 phone number to call, or just buy the ticket at the Station? Are there open tickets.


  3. Whoever is in charge of this question forum, you have impeccable customer service! Wow ! So excited for my trip down on fourth of July . Thank you .


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