The Perks of Business Class

You may have taken a trip on the Pacific Surfliner, but have you ever tried riding in Business Class? Treat yourself to an upgraded experience with a few extra perks.

The Pacific Surfliner unreserved Coach seats are already spacious, but the Business Class car has even more legroom so you can really stretch and relax. Even better, Business Class riders are guaranteed a seat, which is helpful especially on busy trains which could be standing room only during parts of the trip. And because it’s located at one end of the train, there tends to be less foot-traffic in Business Class, resulting in a more private atmosphere.

Business Class Seats Business Class Group Seats

Snacks and Drinks
We have a great Café Car with fresh food, craft beers, cocktails and more available for purchase. In the Business Class car, riders can also enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks. Each morning, there is coffee, tea, water and juice, as well as pastries from a local bakery. In the afternoons, riders receive a snack pack as well as a soft drink or glass of wine! Our new snack pack comes in a nice box, with snack such as chips, cookies, cheese, gourmet olives and more.

Business Class Morning Snacks Business Class Snack Pack

Other Benefits
Business Class also has a dedicated attendant on most trains, who can answer questions and assist with luggage. There are also free newspapers, and just like the rest of the train, free Wi-Fi.

The perks of Business Class extend beyond the train, starting at the moment you book your trip. Amtrak Guest Rewards members (who earn points with each Amtrak trip they take), get a 25% qualifying point bonus when booking in Business Class. Create an account and start collecting points for a free trip or other rewards.

Not only that, but Business Class passengers starting or ending in Los Angeles get special access to the Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge, located at the station on the second floor. It has complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks. Relax on the comfy sofas, watch some TV, read a newspaper or use the free Wi-Fi!


  1. Hi. We are planning a trip from LA to Santa Barbara with our baby. Is a stroller with the infant seat allowed as our carry on item? Would we be allowed to bring a backpack and purse amongst 2 of us? Also, which side should we sit on to have ocean views? Is it expected to be quite busy tomorrow? Thanks!


    1. Sorry for the delay in seeing this message… I think you’re already on your trip, but yes, you can carry on the stroller and infant seat, as well as a backpack and purse. There are larger luggage racks downstairs in most cars (except the cafe car) as well as overhead racks upstairs and spaces for larger bags at the ends of each car upstairs. Hope you enjoyed the ocean views!


  2. I will be traveling from Camarillo to San Diego on business class my wife is handicapped so I need to know what car business class is so I know where to load her up. Can you help me


    1. Hi Art, from the Camarillo Station, the Business Class car would be the last car of the train. When you booked your ticket, did you indicate that your wife is traveling with a disability? We have accessible space/seats on train and you can request assistance. You can also call the 800 number to modify the reservation if needed. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


    1. The Pacific Surfliner travels as far north as San Luis Obispo. However, you could board the Coast Starlight, one of Amtrak’s long-distance trains, and ride to Oregon or Washington. Its last stop is Seattle. You can visit Amtrak’s website to learn more!


  3. My elderly (87 and 77) parents plan to ride the Surfliner 763 from Burbank to San Luis Obispo on November 22, 2017, the day before Thanksgiving.
    1) If it turns out to be needed could there be assistance lifting their luggage (total of two up-to-50lb pieces and a standard airline carry-on) onto the train?
    2) Can they reasonably expect to have seating?
    3) Can they reasonably expect to have lower level seating?
    4) Should they choose business class to be assured of having seating?
    5) Where do we find business class rates and availability?
    6) How does one book business class?


    1. Hi Stan, reservations will be required to ride Pacific Surfliner trains between November 22 and November 26, 2017 due to increased travel demand during the week of Thanksgiving. We’ve implemented this policy to avoid standing room only conditions, so there shouldn’t be a problem getting a seat. Lower level seating is reserved for travelers with disabilities, which is indicated during the booking process. This includes having reduced mobility like having trouble walking up stairs. When booking a ticket, you can indicate that one or both of your parents is traveling with a disability, which will provide a discount on tickets and also prompt a series of questions asking what type of assistance they will need, such as help with steps, luggage, etc. Business Class would still be a great option for your parents because there is a dedicated Business Class attendant (who can provide extra assistance with luggage, etc.), free snacks and drinks, and a few other perks. Between Burbank and San Luis Obispo, it’s $21 extra per ticket to upgrade to Business Class. As a side note, the Burbank Station is not staffed, so if you’d prefer to have them board at the next station north, which is Van Nuys, there is a ticket office with an Amtrak agent who can assist them before the train arrives. The easiest thing to do would be to visit our website to browse the ticket options (regular vs. premium/Business Class) and book a ticket, but you can also call the 800 number to speak with an agent. Please let us know if you have any other questions!


  4. I have booked business class seats on the Pacific Surfliner from Anaheim to San Diego for late July 17. The ticket doesn’t show a seat number. Will we definitely get a seat? Can you sit anywhere or should I have a specific allocated seat? Many thanks. Fran


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