Fresh Food, Delicious Drinks and Travel Essentials from the Café Car

It might come as a surprise that you can get delicious food and drinks onboard the train. The Sea View Café (located in the lower level of Car 3 on all Pacific Surfliner trains), features sustainably sourced, organic ingredients and craft beer from local breweries. Here are some of our favorites:

The Grilled Chicken and Swiss Sandwich on a pretzel roll is warmed just enough for the bread to soften and the cheese to melt. A red pepper sauce adds a tangy bite, and the chicken is free of antibiotics. pretzel bread
This tasty kale and romaine salad is packed with nutrients. Antibiotic-free chicken, tomatoes, quinoa, cucumber and feta cheese makes this a fresh and healthy option.
The Shredded Short Rib Sandwich features grass-fed beef on warmed Ciabatta bread. The Chimichurri cream cheese spread and white pepper Jack cheese give it a rich flavor that makes it one of our more popular offerings.
Looking for a smaller snack? We carry fruit cups, pretzels with hummus, a cheese and cracker tray, giant chocolate chip cookies, yogurt, donut holes and much more. You are bound to find something you like!

Our 21-and-older riders can pick up a cold bottle of craft beer to enjoy with their food. We’ve partnered with local breweries including Firestone Walker, Ballast Point and Island Brewing Company to bring you more delicious options. Onboard you will find some other favorites such as Stone IPA, Stella Artois, Corona and more. TIP: We also carry spirits to make your favorite cocktails, as well as red and white wines.

And while you can’t eat them, we sell discounted one-day passes for LA Metro and San Diego MTS as part of our Transit Transfer Program. You can also get a simple pair of headphones or a pack of Amtrak playing cards!

Stop by and say hello to the Café car attendant during your trip. He or she can help you choose between all of the great food and drink options that are available. View the whole menu.

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