Amtrak Great Dome Car Exterior

Enjoy Panoramic Views of the California Coast from the Great Dome Car this Summer

Amtrak’s Great Dome car has returned to the Pacific Surfliner for a limited time, offering spectacular views of the breathtaking Southern California scenery along our 351-mile route.

With upper-level windows on all sides, including facing forward and reverse, riders in this vintage rail car will enjoy 360-degree views of towering bluffs, sun-drenched beaches and picturesque coastal towns. Gaze out of the large, domed windows and appreciate some of the scenery that you won’t see from a car, such as the rocky hillsides of the Santa Susanna Pass and the roadless, pastoral backcountry near the Vandenberg Air Force Base.

As the last rail car of its kind still operated by Amtrak, the Great Dome represents a piece of history. Its return marks a rare opportunity for Southern California residents to get a glimpse into the past while also enjoying the views along the Pacific Surfliner route from a different perspective.

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Savor 360-Degree Views and More With Your Business Class Ticket

Access to the Great Dome car will be offered as a Business Class amenity, and Business Class tickets will be required to sit in the Great Dome car. Seats will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Purchase tickets at and select “Business Class” in Step 2 of the booking process. Business Class riders also receive complimentary snacks, drinks and other perks.

The Great Dome car will be part of our single-level Horizon train set from July 16, 2017 through August 11, 2017. When planning your trip, refer to the table below to see which trains are expected to use this equipment. Dates and availability are subject to change.

Date Trains
Thursday, July 20 Trains 568, 593
Friday, July 21 Trains 568, 593
Saturday, July 22 Trains 1568, 593
Sunday, July 23 Trains 1568, 593
Monday, July 24 Will not be in service
Tuesday, July 25 Trains 564, 573, 582
Wednesday, July 26 Trains 761, 790
Thursday, July 27 Trains 565, 572, 583
Information last updated July 20 at 12:30 p.m. Check back for future dates.

Follow us on Twitter (@PacSurfliners) for train status updates, including any changes to the information above. If you need to change your Business Class reservation to a different train or day, call 800-USA-RAIL prior to the start of your trip.

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History of the Great Dome Car

The Great Dome car was built in 1955 for the Great Northern Railway and was brought to Amtrak in the early 1970s. After being renovated in 1985, it traveled as part of the Amtrak Auto Train between Washington, D.C. and Orlando. Since then, it has been once again refurbished, traveling across the country with various Amtrak trains.

Stay Connected

We’ll share updates about the Great Dome and other train status information on our @PacSurfliners Twitter account throughout the summer. Don’t forget to share your photos with us using the hashtag #PacificSurfliner!


  1. I had already purchased a ticket for this train. Will the dome car still be offered to me? Yes, it’s business class.


    1. Hi Toni, anyone with a Business Class ticket for a train with the Great Dome is welcome to explore and sit in it. Seats on the upper-level are first-come, first-served to Business Class riders. Please note – the trains that will have the Great Dome are subject to change. We’ll continue to update the table above with the latest information. Thanks!


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